Clear sandwich wrappers are excellent for packqging and displaying fresh sandwiches, subs, and wraps. They are great for manual packaging and create and completed look for any product. Our 1.2 mil BOPP  material provides a high gloss finish and quality stiffness. These versatile clear wrappers ad to the presentation quality of any product and can be held in place with a customized label or sticker purchase from us.

Sizes Available - *18 x 18   *14 x 14   *20 x 20  *15 x 15  *12 x 12

Custom Printing 1-2 colors

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Clear Sandwich Wrap Custom Printed

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  • FDA Approved
  • Storage - This material should be stored in its original wrapping and away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight at temperatures between 60-75F and at a relative humidity of 35-55%.
  • Performance- Your Product is unique, different from other products. Some products react to oxygen, while moisture is an issue for others. WE recommend you perform a shelf-life test.  Only you know how your product should look and taste. Test wrap your products first  for best success.
Food and Beverage packaging