Food and Beverage packaging

Custom Printed Burlap and Cotton Bags

Cotton Smoked Meat Bags

Custom Printed and sized cloth bags for your ham, bacon, tamales and marketing purposes.  We provide a sewn prototype before you order. We print up to 3 colors with a one time print plate fee.

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Ham Sacks and burlap bags
Printed Burlap Bags


  • Natural and organic textiles are used at farmers market, natural foods and specialty food stores.

  • Dry Mix bags can be used for coffee, flour, cornbread mix, cocoa, pancake/waffle mix, rice, grains.

  • ​Bean Soup mix - Cake Mix - Scone Mix

  • Textile Smoked sausage bags, bologna bags, ham bags and game bags capture the smoke and flavor.

  • Drawstring features and lined bags are offered​