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Food and Beverage packaging
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What size sandwich wrap should you order?

You should allow a  3" overlap for folding.

Popular Sizes:

12 x 12 -  15 x 15 - 11 x 15  14 x 14  18 x 18

Custom Sizing Is Available At No Extra Cost!

Paper Grades and Purposes:

Light weight - 22# or 27# For  Bakery and Less Greasy Foods Like Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Fries, Tacos and baskets liners,  cut sheets only.

Medium Weight -  30#  For Hot or Cold Sandwiches, Burritos, Burgers, Fries and tray liners, available in cut sheets or rolls.

Medium Weight - 38# Waxed One Side  Deli sandwiches - Burgers - BBQ - Cheese

Heavy Weight - 40# Un- Coated for tray liners . Available in cut sheets or rolls

Heavy Weight - 40# Coated For Cheesy Sandwiches, Burgers, BBQ,  Butcher's, Seafood, Crab Pick'n Paper,

Saucy Wet Sandwiches and Deli Meats, moisture proof tray liners, Available in cut sheets or rolls.

Pink Butcher Paper- BBQ and Smoked Meats For Heat Retention and wrapping saucy food and tray liners. Available in cut sheets or rolls.

Give your customers a memorable food experience with your brand around and under your delicious food. With our low minimums of 5000 sheets or 3 Rolls every size food truck, restaurant or deli can offer a memorable experience. 

FREE PRINT PLATES FOR 22# AND 27# PAPER IN KRAFT OR WHITE.  Lead times are the best around ! 

Lightweight 22# and 27# Grease Resistant Delivered in 5-6 weeks.

Heavyweight 30# 40# and 45# with or without poly coated backing (freezer style paper) DELIVERED IN 2 WEEKS!

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What are the printing capabilities?

 1-4 colors  with repeat pattern or registered placed print for newsprint or single images

Custom Printed Sandwich Paper - Deli Paper - Bakery Tissue