We custom cut to any size sheet and butcher rolls to any width, if wrapping allow 3 inches for folding. Here is a list of paper options and minimums, we are always happy to recommend the best paper option based on your use and we send paper samples to try before you buy.

  • Short Run Paper Option - 23# grease resistant - white or Natural Kraft - max size 20 x 13 sheet cut down to your size - minimums 2000 to 20,000 sheets lead time 20-30 days from proof approval - best for events, grand openings, product launches, marketing.

  • Bakery Tissue Lightweight dry wax 10.5/12# - white or natural paper- packed interfold - common sizes 6 x 10.75 and 8 x 10.75  - minimums 42 cases /12,000 sheets per case = 504,000 sheets - best for grab n go bakery items, box and basket liners, bakery product wrap - lead time 6-8 weeks (subject to change)

  • High Performance Dry Wax - 15/18# white or natural paper - flat packed - common sizes 9 x 12 , 10 x 10, 12 x 12 and 15 x 15 or custom size

          best for most every purpose - liner for appetizers, fries, wings, burger wrap , burrito wrap or taco paper - minimums start at  25,000 and up

  • Ultra Performance Dry Wax - 18/21# slightly thicker than HP white or natural- flat packed - common sizes 9 x 12, 10 x 10, 12 x 12 and 15 x 15 or custom size - best for heavier sandwiches wrap, greasy, hot food, -tray and basket liners, pizza liner 50,000 min. 6-8 weeks lead time

  • Grease resistant - 18/20# white or natural - flat packed - common sizes 9 x 12 , 10 x 10, 12 x 12 and 15 x 15 or custom size - best for sandwich wrap, basket liner, tray liner, pizza box liner and more- minimum 50,000 +  Lead time 6-8 weeks

  • Deli Sandwich paper grease resistant butcher - 35# white or kraft natural - compared to national chain sub shops - Custom size sheets or purchase rolls in your width choice - best for thick bread sandwiches, tray liners or cheesesteaks and greasy foods. #1 customer favorite paper- minimum depends on sheet size. Lead time 8-10 weeks

  • Butcher paper 45# freezer in white or kraft natural - poly coated backing - custom cut to size or you choice of roll width - best for wrapping meats, seafood, heavy sandwiches, juicy and very greasy foods, tray liner and box liner , low minimums 10,000 sheets - lead time 4-5 weeks

  • Foil sandwich wrap with insulated paper backing - custom cut to size - best for wrapping, retains heat or cold, solid ink coverage tint and printed graphics on paper side too. Lead time 6-8 weeks from proof approval - minimum of 110,000 sheets  for burritos, burgers, subs, chicken and more. #1 BEST SUPPLIER FOR FOIL SANDWICH WRAP AND MADE IN USA.




Custom Paper and Packaging
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Custom printed sandwich wrap is the best value for branding your restaurant, food truck, bakery, deli, fast casual. Our FDA approved wrap has many uses for tray liners, basket liners and place mats. High quality and custom printing up to 4 spot colors with repeat logo printing or registered printed. Super low minimums of 2000 sheets with quick 30 day delivery for marketing, grand opening, product launches, events to truckload quantities we have you covered and we deliver factory direct nationwide. MADE IN THE USA

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