3 WEEK DELIVERY For Custom printed table paper is cost - effective branding in so many ways. Restaurant marketing and branding is affordable starting with a three roll and low sheet minimum.  

Custom branded table top sheets or rolls of FDA approved kraft and butcher paper adds a unique touch and compliments your restaurant theme and personality.  Send your customers a message while they are dining.  Remind them of desserts to come or beverage choices.  Great for crab picking, oyster roasts and clam bake events!

  •  Easy and inexpensive

  • Creative

  • Maintenance - Free

  • Enhances and protect table

  • Clean and efficient

  • Each Grade is FDA approved

  • Affordable restaurant branding

  • Fun for events​


  • Show beautiful art sketches from the restaurant history and location

  • Seafood restaurants can print how to eat crab or lobster

  • Fine dining will print wine pairing suggestions

  • Print your menu

  • Make it fun for all ages offer facts about the area for tourists and maps with places of interest

Custom Printed Table Top Paper

What's not to love about custom printed table paper?  Here are the specifications to choose from:

  • We recommend custom cut sheets for no tear marks and less waste

  • Rolls or sheets can be custom printed up to two colors

  • White or Kraft natural paper in many grades, tell us your application and we can make a suggestion

  • Four standard cuts are 30 x 30 ,  30 x 48,  36 x 36, and 30 x 64

  • Print plate is required for printing at a one time cost

​         Contact us below to get your custom printed table covers priced and ordered.

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